SEEC Advisory Services

SEEC provides companies of all sizes with access to the benefits of having a world class chief economist team as an outsourced advisory service, on call for long range planning or moments of critical decision-making.

In our advisory work, even on strategic issues, we take a business engineering approach. SEEC solves problems by analyzing the behaviour of consumers and markets, and developing an optimal strategic response based on the information available. Markets are usually complex systems, and employing a rigorous mathematical model of how such complex systems function is a huge aid in making the right strategic and operational choices.

While ultimately we translate the underlying mathematics and empirical analysis into accessible, actionable advice, our work remains grounded in sound, empirically tested models that ensure that we can recommend strategic courses of action appropriate to market realities.

Please call us to learn how we can help you with your most challenging planning and decision making through world class advisory expertise and support.