SEEC About Us

At SEEC, we solve complex business problems. We are a world class team of economists, mathematicians, and programmers with experience in a wide spectrum of industries.

Through SEEC engagements we grow our clients' bottom line by assisting them with the sophisticated use of data. By combining in-depth knowledge of multiple industries with state-of-the-art modeling and data analysis techniques, we develop new revenue sources, optimize operations, and enable more robust strategic decision-making.

Working in diverse areas including pricing, data-driven product and service development, and strategic analysis, SEEC delivers solutions driven by rigorous mathematical models and real-world data. The SEEC approach is grounded in a business engineering mindset; we are clear-headed in defining problems and developing solutions that take the guesswork out of critical strategic and operational decision-making.

Each client and every engagement is unique. Whether you are exploring monetization of information assets through a data-driven application, pricing new products, or approaching a complex strategic challenge, get in touch to discuss the possibilities. Our world class team of economists, mathematicians, and programmers is here to support you and your organization.